Sunday, April 22, 2007

Coney Island

Trying to go to Coney Island on $20 is tough. First of all, on weekends it is a 45 minute trip on subway from midtown to the Island (On Weekdays there is an express train.) First I did the Cyclone. Even though it is celebrating its 80th anneversary it is still scary on the drops. They must be equal to a modern coaster. sitting next to this thin fifth-grader there was a lot of room to shift and hence fall out, so that was an extra scare. On the falls you feel like half of your body is being ripped away from you. You should try it sometime for its heck. $6./$4/reride. After that I and a few friends dug a canal ( 50' long!) and a well on the beach. (Free) After that we headed on the boardwalk to brighton Beach, a Russian Neighborhood. More on that later.

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