Sunday, July 1, 2007

How to deposit $500 of coins

How much does 5000 cents, nickels, dimes and quarters weigh? A ton. (Not quite literally, though.) So after 5 years of waiting, wrapping coins, and having pleasure with the ranks of rolls, I turned them in. It took some thinking. In the end I used a kid's scooter to transport the small cooler. It turned out that the first bank (distance not given as protection) was closed for the day, so I resorted to the one with the coin sorting machine. (This was at Wisconsin and M street, later that night to be a SWAT team panic/media frenzy) Having to undo years of wrapping, I discovered First Union rolls. What a long time it has been. The total was $569.17 (3 cent rolls were delinquent a penny, unavoidable, and a Canadian Quarter and dime were rejected) So it turned out that this was noting to them. An El Salvadorian man had been saving coins for 4 years and put $4400 through the machine in 2 days.

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