Monday, July 20, 2009

Berkeley of the East

Takoma Park is split into three parts: Takoma (Park) DC; Takoma Park, MD in PG County; Takoma Park, MD in Montgomery County. But it's all the same : Berkley of the East.
It is, after all, a Nuclear Free Zone: it does not do business with companies pertaining to nuclear weapons, and will soon not do business with nuclear power (bye bye power company, enjoy your natural-wax candles at night). I'm waiting to see a wind turbine sprout up beside the Metro tracks. I guess they'll enjoy burning coal til bad things happen. But there are charming things, like, well, I haven't visited in a while. People accepting each other, some community spirit (the republic of Takoma Park)

Takoma Park, MD in PG County was merged into Montgomery County, thus giving access to the higher-ranking and notorious Monkey Blair. Further plans of merging Takoma Park, DC into MD are still under discussion...

(The title originally read Berkley)

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