Saturday, October 17, 2009

Irish Triplet of Games

St. Andrew's. THe Red Lion in the center of the field. The experiment, "let's take out a good portion of the 'good' players and let's see what happens". Result: Tied in the time (half of the game) without these players, down 0-4 with. Oh, and a churchmate of mine was the top scorer for their team. Some good water cooler talk.
There were injuries too, "ouch".

Field School. In the valley under the mansion on a drizzly, cold day, 12 degrees over freezing point. Up one at the half. Up two in the last two minutes. They score a last minute goal. The clock stops. The ref gives an extra 30 seconds. They score. A dissappointing tie made worse by how happy they were for tieing. "What in (heck) happened?"

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