Sunday, June 20, 2010

We call it Father's Day

Price of Tysons Buffet for two: $45
Running into a pack of classmates on the way home through Bethesda: Priceless.

What is a free day to me?
Navy respects Sundays just as I do: it's something special. After morning PT, you're off until noon to pursue religious activities. In fact, the day is tagged as "yard liberty", aka, you can walk around casually; just stay on campus.
It must've been an act of God- I've never been that tired after a buffet (in Rockville). Already late in the day, our party decided to not pursue the cooler clime of North Central Maryland and decided to return home.
Sleepy, I caught sight of kids that looked like they went to St. Anselm's. Mom thought so too. We pulled around a corner and I doubled back to meet them, in Summer Seminar attire. We shot the breeze for a minute, dicussing a Brazilian friend's antics after the world cup game (the series that I have missed out on, but not regretted). If they had to see it to believe it, though, I'm Navy.

Remember, TH, to practice parallel parking before taking the road test!

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