Saturday, July 3, 2010

A tired combobulation on a discount state workforce

A small-gov't dream! State employee salaries all reduced to minimum wage!
The bureaucracy should've never grown so big. I mean, a wage freeze seems to have solved the deficit in most places. A wage super-cut will fix a problem in no time.
But think of the children.

I am not an expert on Cali Labor Issues, so I'm not sure if the pencil pushers saw this coming. It's not nice to pull surprises on people's income: Is it even legal?
Any wage recoking will have to happen with newbies: A number of gov't jobs can be used as a fallback option for those who can't make it in the private sector. Then there are jobs that require a competitive workforce. No way else to recruit than competitive wages. Sorry, in America gov't work is not about honor and duty to the fatherland.
What the state workers need to do is drastic to keep their quality of life, ie strike. In DC Parks, we're pretty convinced that if our wages were cut, we wouldn't work.(I make summer job income and not a handsome salary). I got to mention that we have bargaining position as there is currently a mild staff shortage. Supposedly, there are better paying jobs for youth elsewhere.

Disclaimer: I am a modestly compensated state gov't worker who lives in Gov't City.

Try to imagine this news headline:
Obama to California: Drop Dead.

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