Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sum up a month?

Last published July 31?! What have I done with my time?
Here is the hierarchy of media, according to my soon-to-be overlord of publications (If you remember from my May postings, I got a job for the student paper at school).
Good news
No news
Old news
Lame/ pagefiller news
I've gone for the second choice, basically.

I've been off of pool work for a week now, and I must say that this past week was the fastest gone- in my life, perhaps. Nothing happens in town in August, and I haven't done too much of note. Maybe I'll let you in on the Tuesday saunter around Capitol Hill, into Eastern Market, the Library of Congress, Union Station, and the Folger Shakespeare (Mr. F made money in oil, not coffee). Didn't do the Capitol Visitor Center, though, b/c I didn't feel like going through a "double" security screening. Nice itinerary, though. Rolling a wheel and tire Wednesday down the street to the gas station during a rainstorm was comical, though.

Maybe you want to get to know a little more of what I've done: I finished reading my third Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises. If you found a deep message in this book, please write me! (The others: FWTBT and Old Man). I've started to write out the family tree of the Greek goddesses and gods, but still need to comprehend (read: read) The Iliad and The Aeneid. Amazingly, I've gotten more homework done at work than during my time home.

Soccer preseason is going on. PT during Navy Summer Seminar seems like cake compared to Coach's special relay-runs mixed with PT. We do this drill black-flag day (hot n humid)or not. There's plenty competition for the Varsity spots: more talent than ever on the St. A's team.

I've also slept away a little under 40% of this past week. I accredit that to biological recovery from soccer.

Can't believe that I haven't told you all about my weekend sailing or my weekend to Long Island. That'll come soon. I promise.

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