Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's called a retrocession

The Northwest Current is getting up and at the issue of DC statehood again. The main issue is voting rights. Currently, there is the proposal of the addition of new Congress seats- one for DC, and one for Utah. Whether it will pass or not, or if the Supreme Court approves, ?.
Other options do exist. There are the people who want a state of their own. That requires big stuff- constitutional and all that. Or, what may be the second option is retrocession- the Port Town of Alexandria did it over 150 years ago, so did Arlington. Everything except the National Capital Service Area (That's just The Mall) would be given back from Maryland. It's actually pretty simple- state-level approval and Congress. I mean, it's already been done before. Of course, Maryland could decide to take only the good stuff (Downtown, etc), and leave the rest behind, but I'm getting sleepy, so I'm not going to think too much about Amendment 23, which explains it all.

Or if you want to vote for Congress in 2010, just move to Virginia or Maryland, two self-sufficient, all-American states. Golly, the media is so biased.

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