Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not too bad of a day

Good things like to happen on Tuesdays

Another run-over day in French Class
I got through over 10 Physics problems in less than 1-1/2 hours
I didn't make big mistakes on the French test
Main House dominated Austin
I broke the YouTube hiatus after determining it was safe, loading episode 3!
I performed 5-hit streaks, only to be ended by victory
Yes, I was ostracized for being #15 for the shuttle, but the 80-bus came and delivered me JIT (just in time) to say: "Ben (gasp), you thought you could get rid (gasp) of me!"
Learned the proper pronunciation of "Grosvenor" (in the local Northwest vestige of the Mid Atlantic Pure Dialect)
Found out how great I was at photography as I printed out some digital pix at Walgreen's 30-minute photoshop.

I looked up a self-esteem chart, and it's here:

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