Saturday, April 4, 2009

From Italy and Japan

Since i had nothing planned for this morning, I decided to go see the cherry blossoms on and near The Mall. It seemed like a fine day to do so, as the namesake festival was in full swing. Well, that and me and at least 50,000 other people, as i think it was. But I found my space to photograph the blossoms and tulips (Morning star in February, Daffodils in March and Tulips in April) and film the seagulls and pigeons. Oh, and it was mad windy. Great kite flying day. And I'm sure tomorrow will be like today, if I'm correct.

It was almost a perfect day- I had a little sore throat this morning from last night. Yes, Goergetown Visitation's Masqueraders put on "Crazy for You". NOt to give away the Gershwin story, but its about a banker who wants to sing and dance. Great large production, must have taken lots of blood sweat and tears to put on. In fact, it was a full house, and GV even sold standing room tickets. Sorry if I'm being a whistleblower, but. Anyway, it was unabridged, ran about 3 hours. That, I'm not used to- St. A's has a tendency to shave the dance scenes to save some time. But great show. Ends tomorrow.

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