Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Saturday

I almost forgot what a rain shower was. Anyway, one came today as part of the ritual to of wiping away the Cherry Blossom flowers. Despite this rain, there were sill busloads of tourists in and around the mall. After seeing some of the Smithsonian art galleries- Asian and African collections (I tell you some art has meaning, and some does not at all), I saw Daddy's sprucy office with a key- can't believe plants live better in there than at home. And since it was 2pm, it was lunchtime. Chinatown Wok was the first choice; however, on weekends, the entrees are double the weekday price. $13.95 for an Americanized Chinese dish worth $7.? No way. Seeing the better deal at authentic Full Kee, there was a long wait to get in. So the only way to go is...hop on an 80 bus creeping up behind you and go grocery shopping. You can really get a lot of delicious grocery food for $40. So, then the day falls back into doldrum. Not too bad for a 3rd day of vacation, especially one that's wet and wet.

As the idiom goes:
April showers bring May flowers.
Except I don't like high pollen count days in May and June.
But I like summer vacation.

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