Saturday, May 9, 2009

DMV Rant, #3

I got up at 7:05 am on a Saturday, again, to again address the DMV. I got the eye exam done yesterday, left 6 people out of a class of 18 for religion class. And, my eyes are fine. So guess what DMV did? Lost my papers. Fortunately, they had an electronic copy of the knowledge test results, that new enhanced thing. So in good time, I submitted all the documents in a pile that resembled the federal budget. Nice Lady did it. They typed it in, and soon, they took a picture. Nice guy too. Not too bad, I must say, and gave me the card. So I don't have to deal with them for another 6 months.

After that, I finished the big history project on the Cold War (that's top secret for now!). Happy to have a legitimate,G.I.'d portable form of identification.

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