Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jiayue and Her Friends

Over the creek and winding through the woods
to the Church of LDS we go
The signs point the way until we pass under the beltway
Then follow the pinnacles to the gate and find a parking spot
and read the book of Mormon through

before watching this concert sponsored by the munificent Sid Foulger, local real estate developer from the 1960's and beyond.
Beautiful songs in Chinese, arias in Italian, and songs from The Phantom...and Over the Rainbow. Great singing. Midway through, Sid, who looked about 75 or so was introduced, and on went a film of his exploits at the age of 83. Climbing through the rugged terrain of China. He sponsored a school and road, and stimulated the villager's well-being. Amazing. His age today: 89. And, on short noticed, he played some song on the piano "This is really not on the program", announced the MC.

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