Thursday, June 25, 2009

AC Gilbert

Globe, Erector set Ferris wheel, art project with lots of electrical wire and small rods, 4 oversized books. The Erector Set may be called the "has-been". Invented early in the last century, it "transformed how boys and toys were made". Girders and bolts that rile of industry that made Gilbert a rich man. But of course change in consumer tastes and handing over of ownership took a toll on this dynamic toy. Then in a society that now profits mainly in the service sector, why bother with tools and the type of satisfaction that doesn't come instantaneously?
What gets me is e-Monopoly, the electronic form of the monopoly game. It really helps cut down on banker dishonesty, but it doesn't allow you to readily flash your bling maybe an atm next?

But boys aren't made from soft assets.

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