Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To Make a BID

That's Business Improvement District.
Some business neighbors desire to create a business district in the area between the Golden Triangle (which includes lobbyist row and other high-profile names such as the Mayflower Hotel and the Spitzer family commerical real estate across the street, the Dupont BID and the Georgetown BID. To quote them, We look impoverished compared to our neighbors. Keeping up with whatever family the saying mentions. And guess what. I would be part of it. For free, because I don't live on a commercial property (only the most dedicated employees of a company do!) So according to their plans. an alternative to a mandatory tax increase that would last five years or more is a business association. When I consider that DC's tony hotels (and their decently affluent guests) are mostly in this district- and I notice that there isn't much retail on the streets- I suppose all the money flows across the creek to...Georgetown, and the Golden Triangle. Exactly.

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