Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to 1993

I was only half alive back then. No, I was born, but had no idea on affairs at that time. It seems like Mindy Cameron did something brilliant, Mumbai was Bombay, Beijing was still commonly Peking. AND there was this Great Healthcare Reform of 1993-4. It really sounds like the 2009 plan, except that the promoters were not among the most liberal people in politics (Remember, in the political circle, the extreme far left end of liberal merges with socialist, and Americans don't like that concept). Businesses wanted to hack off healthcare costs, hospitals wanted to shuck costs for treating poor, uninsured patients to the government. So Mrs. Clinton heads a task force to research the matter. But the big theme of the era was fiscal responsibility, and as now, people took the plan to be expen$ive and big-government oriented. Reaganism? Within 18 months, the idea was dead, and Mr. Clinton moved on to other things.

SO what would the Sans-Culottes say? From what I know, I suppose they'd approve responsible spending. But healthcare services back then were extremely limited and for the wealthy, and likely lethal. While the national leadership wasn't on fire for building palaces for themselves (in 1993 USA), the concept was (1793 France) that responsibility and liberty mattered. Big government bad.


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