Monday, August 24, 2009

Is it Real or Am I Dreaming?

There are those days where you feel out of your head. That's happened to me before- usually when very sick or dehydrated. You see in slow motion and it's an OBE experience. But does it happen at other times?

When I question: What is the meaning of parents, life dreams. When I question the fact of reality. When life is like a dream. I dream in sleep sometimes of hitting a jackpot find of great numismatic value. But it's never real. Until now.

I was at the bank, and the tellers and I were volleying about the government's postdated check. They claimed that I had to wait til tommorrow, but I argued that since they already held my checks for over a week, and they took them before, that they should take mine today. Must be a manager's peeve fad of the day, like making sure the patrons don't wear underwear under their swimwear, or something like that. So I remember the Dilbert comic about tellers encouraging customers to use the ATM, so I did. I was nervous about handing the check to a machine, but the ATM scanned the check and verified the amount. Since it was after 12noon, it'll be processed tomorrow- thus alleviating their complaints about a post dated check. So I can load my transit smart card, I withdraw a $20. I go to the post officelet that was across the hall and planned to break the $20. The clerk didn't like the thought, and another customer insisted that he pay for my 2 44 cent stamps and suggested I go to the teller. SO I take my 20, and since I'm sort of eccentric, asked for a roll of halves and two practical fives. It took them a while to procure the roll. It was a raggedy one that a customer must have brought in, so I went to count them. By George some were silver. The momentum carried my lazy legs 5 blocks. I take out a five to load my card on the bus. By double George one had a star (also a currency collector's delight, especially in higher denominations).

I got home, and found the whole roll was 40% silver halves. A better hit than anyone I've heard of on the Web. I wondered how this could be real.

Now I have no money to spend.

Thing is, I didn't want to go through the hassle of delivering the check safely again to the bank, which was 7 metro stops away from home.

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