Saturday, February 28, 2009

No 29th

When I looked up 'how to start a cell phone company', the result came back for how to start a cell phone website company. Now think about this: I have only had to use such a site once- the first cellphone was a freebie.

Now there are those people who like to or just happen to lose their phone all the time, and the sassy who always need a new phone every whenever. And they frequent these websites. So there you go.

Why did I mention this? Because I'm reminiscing about the soon-to-be two years of posts, and still wonder at the ability of millions individuals to make e-cash- just like me, except I don't do it for the money. I do this (blog+web empire) because I like to, and it brings joy to the world.

When I look at tomorrow, it's March 1st. Just three months until another summer vacation. I'm sort of happy that after 11 years of being schooled that the time begins to fly...

Panther Victory- Champs game 4:30 tomorrow.

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