Sunday, March 1, 2009

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I do not do professional sports reporting for a living, but the hold was tedious. Championship game, They beat us in the same situation twice before: would this be a third defeat? Panthers down 1 point at the half, up 7 points at 3rd quarter, soon we were down against St. Mary's by 2. Then a lay-up racket ensued. One by one until a tie at 39 with one minute, with St. Mary's at the advantage and with possession. They stalled. By 30 seconds, this was very obvious. Yet the Panthers did nothing but wait. An attempt at 5 second to ruin us failed; at the buzzer, it went in. 39-41 Panther loss.

It was very cathartic with all our team spirit. Some people believed it to be a bad call, but it was a straightforward textbook stall. A lot of people left before the awards ceremony.

I said one thing before leaving:

The snow isn't that great this time around.

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