Friday, September 25, 2009

The Art of Eating Jello

After 3 months of helping people with their minor problems and issues over the summer, I found it quite different to encourage the irresponsible behavior that I had discouraged people from doing over the break. Spin around ten times and consume 2 cups of Jello. Yes, two cupfuls. In a competition relay race. Luckily for Main House, there were more than enough qualified people to do the deed. No, but in the vetting process for 4 contenders we had to determine the prowlness of each of us. So we determine the ability of the newest recruit, a foreign exchange student. "What's Jello?" "It's sweet and fruity." "Never ate it". "Well would you like to try Jello today". " Spin around and swallow? Nah". The creds of everyone else: A sucessful Jello run back in May. Closet gluts. I, a cream pie contest winner, was not as qualified as the other Mainers. For other houses, well, due to their lack in numbers and absentees and disdain for jello and gelatin, some members had to run twice, and, 4 cups of jello. I wanted to see that. Yes, I shouldn't want to, but it'd been something.

But it was intense. The spinning causes great disorientation, which really disorients the contestant. Thus, I was occupied reminding our fellows how to eat jello: head sightly back to supress gag reflex, not too far as to cause choking.

Yes, Main won the relay.

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