Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Slow Traffic

without speed bumps

Try putting in streetcar tracks. Georgetown has left about 8 blocks of streetcar track on two streets, unused since 1960, to do exactly that. And preserve history.

On the same note, the much, awaited delay of the opening of the new National Capitol Trolley Museum on October 18. Great- delay opening to conincide with the 40th anniversary of the museum's founding. But why is there a new museum? The streetcar was displaced again by the automobile. How ironic. The ICC Project (aka SR MD 200) is planned to plow right through the old museum site, as well as the 20-minute demo loop for riding the trolleys. But remember about all the modern social expenditures that are now attached to freeway building (I 110) ? The state was so obliged to do just that. What an ending.

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