Friday, September 11, 2009

Game in the mist

I pulled this school-spirit Haiku for the 9th grade Haiku competition. School spirit can't be turned down.

Big brown flying ball
gliding into the basket
Panther Victory

I pulled this silver bullet against one of those really deep-thinking writers: those 3 haiku he used were his gems: I only had 2 gems, so I fell out of the bracket that round. He likewise fell out in the next round, having run out of 17-syllable pearls.

After grabbing a short violin session (which, to an end did not make the conductor happy), Because of laws that restrict how many people a non-CDL driver can carry, some of us (including I) had to catch a ride over to WIS with drivers who had limited licenses that provided for one or two passengers- what a waste of space on the road and the environment. I was nervous as to whether I would field at all- a matter of center 'd' or center bench- a preposterous thought. You don't do that in some sports. Basketball maybe. But wait, I had to grab a red jersey from the athletic director. Well, I made it back in time. Edmund Burke, a 'small' radical, freethinking, call-your-teacher-by-first-name school, doesn't have its own field. While both Burke's and the Panther's uniforms were very similar, no one had problems identifying who was who. Judging a book by its covers in a way did work. Anyhow, an amazing shot that rattled the net. Panthers up 1. But don't forget- right after scoring is the most vulnerable time for the goalmaker. Change of possession, a high head, and a vengeful opponent can call for a quick turnaround. Goal two. With some certainty, one can say that the score will be 2-1 before 3-0. It happened. But it's good that they got to get the sensation of success. Three more shots, and the game was over.

Before 20 minutes, all players who came out to the game had rotated in. That includes me. Center midfield. Objective: Keep ball ahead of you. Pass if needed. Receive if called upon. Moved the ball forward a few times, received a leg to the ab, lost a pass once, a faulty pass directed to me that was easily taken by the opponent but swiftly recaptured. I don't know how long I was in the play for, but it felt short. I must have been in for at least 7 minutes though, I think. It must have also been a sort of important position, as some denied that I played there (yes, I replaced Peter). A goal wasn't made on us at that time. I did enough.

I was in for the penultimate rotation in the second half, right midfield. More success. The drizzle provided for chilly hands, but that was nothing like what winter brings. The position called for lots of running up and down the field, and some drive to change possession. If I had considered stopping for four seconds t take a breather, then I would have lost some of that momentous drive for the ball. It worked a few times, but I would also say the god of Astroturf sent a few stray balls my way, which, I made good use of. A hairy defensive moment, calling out suggestions as to handle the ball, "Kick it up (to the offensive line), do not cross center (so as to not risk a one-touch shot by the opponent)".

Final score, 5-1, Panther Victory.

A shake of hands with Burke's players, congratulating them for giving us an excellent game.

Well, they were never enemies, only opponents.

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