Thursday, November 12, 2009

How much money shalt thou bring?

$2 for token participation in the Model UN fundraising event (hot drinks and donuts), of which I'll be going to school early to handle.

$5 for the tag day. I just learned that these were paired with dances to "make it more convenient" for stduents to wear their dancing attire to class- for a fee.

$5 for the RAVE. For some reason, student government does not approve of the student body's favorite DJ, DJZ ( Maybe Dionysis should get cracking to GPA (that's right, grade-point-average) reform instead of old spite. ($10 at the door)

Well, all that great stuff is still cheaper than a movie at so-called 'Chinatown'. It makes even more economical sense if you believe in the 'loot rail' theory.
(Crooks steal well-monied people's stuff and make a getaway on mass transit. This is based on the theory that crooks ain't got wheels. Evidence has shown that most crooks steal a car if they need one.)

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