Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spoof Alert

The Silver Spring/ Takoma Park MVA has started offering online road tests. The videogame format did not conform to state standards, said Ms. Fay Liu, who developed this new way of 'skipping the trip'. It's easy: all you do is have a friend film you while driving, and upload it to the website when you're done. The instruction sheet informs test-takers to announce what action they're making, so that the voice analysis system can grade the test. If you fail, you can make an online appeal to have the film reviewed by a make-work program participant.

Activists have applauded the move, saying that while banning new drivers altogether would be more effective in reducing global warming, the reduction of an oft-hated carbon-spewing trip is a step in the right direction. Why did Ms. Fay Liu come up with such a great idea. "Because I really don't like Ms. Bumper. I'd like to see her transferred to Gaithiersburg and deal with complaining customers there".

Ms. Fay Liu added that test-takers should eschew putting on makeup, excessive giggling, drinking from those big party cups, and excessive eyeballing of the camera. "Look, you just saved like 2 hours. You'll have time to do all that... at home". MVA officials have asked local videoediting shops to not edit the test films. "As for geeks who can do it by themselves, I mean, if they can fix a Mac, I'm pretty sure they'll be able to use a car", said Bubba "Babbling" Brook, a state legislator. "We might, though, consider putting a make-worker in each testing car to verify honesty. If they are incapable of knowing wrong from right, at least their extra weight will add another complication to the process of acquiring a motor vehicle operating licence".

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