Monday, November 16, 2009

Retrojourney Through Books

Like any good home library, our home library collection encompasses past times. Take, for example, the zen in ________ books from the 1980's. Also from that time is the grand era of self help and dreams of money. Move to the early 1990's. What did that first family do to us? Gawking at the barcode scanner was the first step to make people reconsider their consumerist ways. After all, we didn't have to put on a show for the Soviets anymore. Maybe it was something else. Titles like "Living Cheap News" and "Tightwad Gazette" flourished with the tool called the computer. They, and others, were blatantly anti-consumerist. After all, do we really need to fill up our landfills with diapers? The fad didn't last long, and we got sick of cloth diapers and went out buying this new toy called the SUV, and subscirbed to this thing called the internet. Then there were the Dummies guide to living your e-life, and then, print media as we knew it vanished like the colony of Roanoke.

Well, luckily we forgot what sensibility was about.

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