Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kaine on the 2016 Ballot?

Virginia is a presidency machine. As quoted by the state travel guide, "the Mother of Presidents". Eight of them, 4 of the first 5. Of course travel was very difficult in those early days, but still. As for Vice Presidents, politicians from the mid-Atlantic are popular. Obama, of Hawaii, Kansas(?), and Illinois vetted Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware. Gov. Tim Kaine, a top runner who would have been the politically cheesy pick (swing state). The usually Republican state must have been flattered. Ex-president Clinton wrote through a biographer that he thought that Sen Mikulski (MD) would have made a good pick. What about Mrs. Clinton? (It is supposed that Obama encountered a 'newscaster scenario' of the wisdom of including a white male as well as a minority character). Lots of words were spilled and rhetoric blown.

But, its Christmas eve, and 2010 and its wildness is still a week away. As local hero and national shame Spiro Agnew elocated, the media is the erudication of nattering nabobs of negativism- nice alliteration! No kickbacks til the 21st century, now.

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