Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who Me? Parks Department Chief?

The local papers have been running stories about the life and dirty laundry of potential heads of the Parks and Rec Department. I must say, my resume looks pretty good to take over the agency.

I get along with people (more so than a lot of city call centers)
I know the culture, the area, the people (I've lived in the area all my life; many positionseekers are from far, far away)
I have a lot of experience with the local government (22 weeks, or about 6 months of total experience)
I have a decent amount of experience in recreation
I'm most qualified on the ancillary part of the resume.
I'd have the potential for a long tenure (the pension plan would kick in at 46!)
I have a clean record regarding contracts and benefits and accountablility.
I'm a dreamer (Robert Moses, I'm taking your lead!)

(I'd be more specific if I knew that this was permissable by my DPR contract).

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