Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Dec 5-6
We started with a renouned international policy specialist, then moved to the piles of pizza and soda. After a quick half hour of socializing, it was time for some partisanship.Not before we were encouraged to shop at the bazaar. A moving bot that I saw earlier that day had not sold yet. I ran a functions test, and became surprised regarding why the $2 price tag didn't get it sold in 20 seconds. So I bought it. Unlike the university conferences, things were a bit more relaxed, or, slower-paced. Half an hour to the end of the session for the evening, there was no working paper submitted. It was my time to do something. Usually, I had been caught off guard by illicit pre-written papers from a school in Florida or New Jersey, but, I had nothing but my stack of research, on Austrailia, to work with regarding self-determination, or, what's a country. Ranbcor ran deep as Iran blamed the west for everything.

Saturday morning, we continued the same debate, and the comitttee was presented with a working paper from Iran. It was off the wall, and bigoted. My paper, cosigned by the necessary count of delegates plus two, was proposed, modified, and postponed on account of snow. Golly, this was the first time it snowed this early in the year. Soon, lunch break followed. Sadly, I had to part before the last session. I handed the paper to a co-sponsor- Sri Lanka (who added an Eastern perspective to the Resolution)and hoped for the best. TO date, no word on the sucess of the resolution.

Wait a second... sometimes you get really involved in model UN!

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