Thursday, January 7, 2010

Look at that its a Free Period!

It's caused controversy and animity. It's also the cause of an errant commercial aircraft. It's called scheduling. I took a look at my 2nd semester schedule. Somewhat different. Let's look at some details-
No more 4th period off. This meant I had 3-1-3 class layout and gave me time to finish english papers midday. Last period free- most days. Except for Labs on Monday and Wednesday- Music Theory and Chemistry. No free period except lunch on Mondays and Wednesday. But Chem Lab on Wednesdays- that' s a lot of fun and free moving. Tuesdays are quite empty: Service occupies periods 3-5. On Thursdays, I get second period off. According to standard procedure, I should have been put in the other chem class to get first period off- and a midweek sleep-in. But in-school free period makes for more productive time. Now I have to get back to Situational Awareness.

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