Sunday, January 17, 2010

They knew it. I blew it.

Final mile. A traffic circle, a yield, and a few blocks to go. But wait! There's something that looks like a traffic stop done in the horrible place of the center of the roadway. I pull over to the right lane. Traffic. I see the fire vehicles ahead. Another embassy event. Three point turn- bing. First practical application of that. Pull towards downtown to avoid that traffic. Cars blocking the 3-Way intersection. Bing! My first use of gridlock. Down a tunnel, around that little Longfellow square, and down the street. A fire vehicle passes and pulls back into the fire station. Two blocks, and stopped traffic. There is a crane extended to the top of a 10 story building. I thought it was typical roof work. I forgot that it was Sunday. Another fire incident. Back up 75 feet to open cross street. First practical use of reversing. Edge into an alley, take a right turn, cut diagonally across Pennsylvania Avenue into an alley and I'm almost home.
City driving.

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