Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shopping Spree!

Civil War Friendship Memorial, a massive memorial spanning the potomac river commemorating the end of the Civil war and the reuniting of North and South.
Why it's bogus- Put the memorial on the Mason Dixon Line. Maryland was a 'northern' state by coercion.

Federal Stimulus Memorial Southern Bay Bridge, a record-length combi suspension and trestle bridge. Why it's bogus- it serves no interstate interest.

Federal Stimulus Hart-Miller-Pleasure Northern Bay Bridge, another impressive bridge over the Chesapeake. Why it's bogus- it serves only Baltimore.

Virginia Flying V Ceremonial Air Brigade- an impressive sight of aerial might! Why it's bogus-It's Frivolous!

Anti-Nephalim Spacepod- forget just the nuke threat. The final coming will be indiscriminate to anything or anyone- unless this thingy is built. Why it's bogus- have these officvials been to church lately?

State Pride Protection Program TIme Machine- its ostentatious use is to go back in time to stop Spiro Agnew from gaining political power by locking him in the Dungeon, also to be built with Fed funds. Why it's bogus- Einstein proved that time travel is all but impossible.

Fairfax County Business Attraction Magnet- the details are unknown, whteher tilting MontCo on its side or using large powerful CEO magnets. Why it's bogus- It's a B>A>M race; MontCo will just buy one, too.

Rockville Sister City Visitation Incentive Program- the program will provide trips free of charge for Rockvillers to visit Pinneburg, Germany, in the name of cultural awareness. Why it's bogus- Junkets! Anyway, there's a brand spanking new arts+ humanities center two miles down the road at Strathmore.

The real story: PG County (MD) can't manage to spend $2 million in HUD money, although the state as well as bordering Virginia have doused themselves with billions in BRAC, ARRA, and other federal monies.

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