Sunday, February 14, 2010

815 V St NW

"The commissioner has decided there will be no such rock-bop in this town. This so called rock and roll is detrimental to our youth". By Mayor of Camden, NJ, 1952

By today's standards, society complained about the color of the nurse's gown. Today, there was plenty of hip swinging, crow-screeching, and syncopated beats. The first group I saw was, in my opinion, detrimental to youth. Their 'music' sounded like sitting on the Dulles Airport jumbo jet runway with a drowsy sort of side effect from the cough med and a henchman for sadism's sake. If it was artistic at all it was in the sense that it conveyed the sense of angst and pain upon the listener. The lyrics were anti-social when intelligible over the grind; for example, a girl axing her family (that was an euphemism, too). There was rampant head bobbing by the 'musicians' that disregarded anything about cerebral science, and the volume level most likely exceeded OSHA regulations.

Why was I here? My friend and 3-course classmate was performing tonight. And about Kairos? No problem. You'll be back by then. Indeed, Kairos went out with a bang- a great liturgy, incense and all.

The our guys were up. There was a trumpeter (GN), percussionist (LW-M), vocalist (RC), and two guitarists (BH and CH) . "I've been here since 9am,(did they get to go to church today?)and I'm ready to leave!" Then the song starts. I never heard Rob sing in that way; it sounded like it was from the rogue, a sound bursting from the chains of tradition. But it was refreshing; unlike the goth metal band, this music had well-written lyrics, and the format of the music felt like what we learned in music theory class: Rock and Roll = Steady Beat + Chord Progression. It was sort of Elvis-y, tradition rock style that their parents would have played at home. There was, again, that song of leaving. There was one that praised conformism. It was actually sincere. There was a love song, not mushy, though. Names don't matter to me much, but they are ID'ed as KSD. I don't know what that stands for.

When will the CD or MP3 set be cut?

(One to none performed after; anecdotal reports suggest that their drumist is quite talented, if not a Ladies man). 9:30 club, 2/14/10

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