Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gilded Age of Washington

Donahue Peebles: Washington's Bloomberg?

Once upon a time, a wealthy individual proposed donating an estate in a tony west-of-creek Washington neighborhood for the purpose of serving as the mayor's residence. In a sense, the local Gracie Mansion. But with the fact that there is this perpetual west-of-creek/east-of-creek cultural and political strife, it seems unlikely that a mayor would feel politically correct living at that estate. On top of that, no person on that side of town has been elected mayor. (Except for the ceremonious title of "Mayor of Georgetown", which was an official position from 1751-1871). But, it has been brought up recently that a candidate for mayor cannot polarize him or herself to one side of town.

So, it has been made quite clear that the incumbent mayor, who faces reelection this year, is out of favor with half of the city, but his approval ratings remain strong in the NW. His chances of reelection aren't really compromised if tallied against a polarizing, retributionist figure. But what if we bring in the Billionaire?
Do we trust proven leadership or a rich man?

Donahue Peebles, the awfully wealthy locally grown real estate developer, is seen as a potential candidate. His political interests started young, when he was a senate page in high school. But business won him out for the while. He has not officially stated his candidacy, though. Given the local political climate, he might find it wise to wait for 2014.


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