Friday, February 12, 2010

What I'm doing this Weekend

Good evening from KAIROS! I've managed to smuggle my internet phone into camp and am here to share my experience with you. Now, I'd never spoil any secrets. We've been keeping busy, though. Prayer, song, meditation, social time, board games, wilderness walks. Oh, and snowball fights! No boating, though, the lake was iced over. But I mean, seiously? What are you doing fasting in the wild when we could do the same thing at Bethesda Marriott? It's a totally different experience. It's like we're on that show LOST, but we are fed and watered on a regular basis. But I must say, it's like some modernistic brain thing. You build up expectations and anticipation, and then, come Thursday, boosh, you're on a motorcoach to neverland. There is a slight allegory, I guess, to the Second Coming. But this is like, really, only the first full day. I suppose Sunday is a lost day, considering that Fourth Day will be sprinkled over the next 16 months of our school career.
I should get back to quiet reflection.

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