Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Music

Not much again, except that I was able to pick up my debit card, albeit farther into the 'hood than ever :) School's going to start next Monday; tomorrow, we go to the scientist's delight science museum- the Koshland. Never heard of it? It's run by the AAAS.

And then, after the big rainfall, we had some cereal in the trusty plastic bowls, and packed up alongside the group from Baw-ston. First place- Cabot's creamery- delicious cheese and dip! It's a shame that it doesn't get to DC fresh enough. Then quickly to the Ben and Jerry's tour. No pictures of the plant floor! again, more delicious samples, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and their only retail store, and onto a cider plant, and a cheese+sausage plant- Daron Farms- another great selection.
Then it was straight south, heading down the I-87 Northway past the Lake George Ferry.

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