Monday, August 18, 2008

A Title?

A 20-mile bike ride when I least expected it leaves me here tonight. It was a trip up the rail-to-trail prototype- the Capital Crecent Trail ( A history-loaded trail with some sites of its former days. Connects Georgetown to the Palisades to Bethesda, and Silver Spring. And home via Wisconsin Avenue, up the hill to Tenleytown, highest point in DC, and speeding down Mass Avenue on the way home.

Now we reached Quebec, the only walled city in Northern America at rush hour. We didn't stay long, although we got quite a few good pictures from the old citadel. Now I remember- it was raining profusely. Heading towards Vermont, we spent our last night in Canada at Parc National de Frontec after a superb supper at Normandin. Arrived at around 9pm, Quite wet- rained all night and into the morning. Pretty place, too.

After Brunch at Eggsquis- which we later found out to be a chain- but in a positive light- also served great food. We crossed the border back into the USA at the remote crossing onto the road into Stowe- the Adirondacks of Bostonians, and not too far from Burlington. It was 3pm when we arrived: we decided not to visit the factory tours until the next day, but to do some cooking over the fire- and get started early on that. Some hamburgers, chicken legs, and a duck leg were grilled up (where else can you find a duck leg at the supermarket?) It turned out that the lean-to was a good $7 investment, as it started to rain-again. But let it rain- get the most out of the lean-to.

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