Saturday, August 16, 2008


Tragic. My debit card won't be in until Tuesday. That means I'm unable to control my $ until that day. More importantly, we headed off to the Hollins Hill Farm in Delaplane, VA, (doesn't this roll off the tongue- I have a little place in Delaplane) where we picked peaches off the trees, berries off the bush, and ate a ton of peaches- there were 7 varieties today. A merry day, 2 pecks of peaches= $20, 1 pint berries=$5. We headed back to the car to head to our favorite buffet in Front Royal, about 20 minutes farther west-about time too; it was 12:45pm Oh Agony! after pulling the car partway out of the grass parking area, the gearshift came loose. Daddy, who was busy cleaning the house, was summoned. In the meanwhile, while waiting for Daddy to arrive, we sat,, and we picked and bought some more fruits and veggies- tomato, corn, potato, carrot. But while Little Brother and I were picking carrots, some kind soul with a mechanical mind decided to check under the car to see what was wrong with the transmission. A loose bolt. Some twine would prove to be a temporary solution, as we waited for Daddy to arrive with a rental car. He did come, at 4:00, and Mommy gingerly followed a series of gear-switches to get down the mountain and onto the highway.

Now let me say two things- Hertz does put you in the driver's seat, and it's bedtime.

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