Friday, August 29, 2008

An inspirational story

Texas Hold 'Em let me down today- but I knew the creator's algorithm. Since alll you readers read and always bear with me, I'll break it to you- stick with the game, and you'll get a good hand- eventually-but remember to fold regularly. The chances of getting a high hand is much greater in online poker, when green cash isn't involved. The creators want to keep you interested in their game, you see. This evening, some chap pocketed 75 of my chips, in two occasions, due to my misjudgment of who had a higher hand. One pair, bad call. Three-of-a-kind + high card should have done it- but, two pair! So after losing 120 chips, and not succeeding for over 10 hands straight, Pacific Avenue style, I almost quit. But no- just
one more, and I got this bonanza- except I didn't have enough chips to maximize the opportunity- A straight or a Flush- remember, Texas Hold 'Em, it happens. And I took a rebound.

\\There's always tomorrow\\

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