Monday, November 3, 2008


Go out and vote tommorow. Vote for and, most likely, somebody at the state level as well. Even if you are not qualified to vote, and you have nothing better to do, cast a provisional ballot. Whether Remember, I don't want to become a commie subject because of some irresponsible 20 year olds' choice to be apathetic. First thing to go- freedom of speech, and this website will disappear. So please do excercize your right as a citizen of the free world and I'm not- by law I'm too young, but I've been making sure that the barely-legal crowd is going to do so. Boy, do I feel sad for the arranger of the mock debate. Almost 18, but not quite yet. Take away votes from the people who don't need them (those apathetic 20 year olds who don't understand why they got a day off from college) and give them to 17 1/2 year old leaders of CSO teams.

Now a word about afrimative action in the Mr. Obama is poised to lose up to about 5% of potential votes on the single factor of race. Do we add 5% to his tally and give him a sure victory? Or do we give McCain several points because he has 72 years on his back? In the world of success, you don't need AA, so what's the big point of it then?

So go and vote for Obama/Biden, McCain/Palin, Nader/Gonzales, or for yourself. It should be your right not to vote for anyone, but it shouldn't be your right not to show up, though.

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