Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lin's Authentic Chinese Restaurant

running fru' da' lil' dawg? runnin' fru' da' cops'? runnin fru' da' Main-dawgs?
u din't run' fru' da' punches - happy birfday, Ben-dawg

I never had the chance to tell you all about the lovely Chinese banquet I enjoyed two weekends ago. This was hosted by the WAPO- the asian orchestra who has a lot of clout with the Montgomery county admins. I still haven't figured out who financially sponsored the event, though. But does it matter?

Introductions by individuals
1. Traditional Chinese appetizers- sliced bamboo and meats
2. West Lake Soup
3. Peking Duck
4. Chow Fun/ Starch Pork Dish
5. Bok Choy with Mushroom
6. Fish Dish- delicate!
7. Desert- Sweet Rice with Red Beans
It was as authentic as it gets outside of New York Chinatown.
Sing along- America the Beautiful, two Chinese folk songs, Oh Susanna

Just to think how some people call Chow Mein Chinese food !?

(****/****)- all things considered

Here's the reference
Tony Lin's
Montrose Crossing (South Building)
Rockville, MD
Just off SR-355/Rockville Pike- 3 blocks to Twinbrook Metro

NTFletch would love this place, I bet

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