Friday, November 21, 2008


We started the MonkMUNC- model un conference, today. The speakers from the real UN gave intriguing speeches, and we had nice chats with three girls for one guy- reminds me of the 2:1 ratio at elementary school. I represented Angola, an oil-rich recent ex-colony in southewest Africa. Sarah Palin couldn't get that one. Committee session- went a bit slow to start, but gained momentum, especially after the observer sent a message that made our lives easier. Afterwards, there was a psychedelic whiteout- dress in white and enjoy blacklights and strobelights. But my helicopeter-parent mother is so concerend that she does not let me go to the usual dances- because they go to 11pm. At least the cast party shouldn't go so late.

And for the irresponsible ones, please do not cough in my face, or anyone else's face, because spreading illness is not a good thing.

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