Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Hair Might Turn White

Last published Nov. 10, or, as I recall, last Monday. Today is the 15th. The last time I left such a large gap in time is the trip to Canada's <>. You might have thought I went on vacation or something. Only if you call play rehearsals that. For the matter of fact, the last time I was on a computer was last Tuesday. So what has been going on? Monday/Tuesday was Veterans' Day. I didn't have the opportunity to thank all the little people who do the big job of upholding democracy, so I do so now. Armistice Day was Nov. 11/ Tuesday, some people got Monday off instead/too. But 11/11 is the real deal, 3 day weekend or not or 4. Yesterday was the first of three performances of the conceived musical, I Love a Piano. In Humanities, we got five e.c. test points, or half a letter grade, for going to a show. Ditto. Now I must go on with the show.

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