Friday, January 16, 2009

My Awesome Church Adventure, Part 2

Over supper, which was a snazzed up frozen lasagna, with those brownies that make life worth it, we were fed a pop quiz on what we learned over the past five months- indeed, I got the second highest score, at 60% (top was 65%). Since we all talked, we all zeroes, and the curve brought us all up to 100. Then, we got to expend our breath on blue and white balloons while having a kitchen reality show to see who could make the best hollinadaise sauce.Blowing balloons- gotta remember to blow from the abs. My sauce came out just by the book, until the yolk started to turn into scrambled eggs. And I never knew one could burn butter. The thing didn't come together correctly- lumpy texture. Burn.

Somehow, it was midnight.

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