Sunday, January 11, 2009

Travel Around for Cheap

Before I get to what I did last night, which will take a while to explain, I want to get these points off the top of my head

Skybus failed about 14 days too short. At that later date, what Skybus shocked the world with (no free checked luggage or pillows) became standard practice. That's just bad timing then.

Gishigo really doesn't work for squat. I tried on multiple occasions, but "it don't work". If you want to actually find a ride somewhere in America, Craigslist is a good place to look. You can get trips to the ordinary busable distances (under 500 or so miles)with people who do not want to be hit by a barrage of surcharges on a plane or several when riding a hound (Can't sue me, hee hee).Or you can go all the way to Canada, California, or Mexico (just see what pops up under the nyc craiglist). I suppose most of these people selling seats are normal, but as a prudent law school grad student said: I'm not promising anything, but no drugs or minors or anything else illegal.

One caveat: bring plenty of cash (or a simple credit card)for airfare home!

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