Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama and The Bad Song

I might have been hunkered at home, with the viral online video attributed to the GOP (not necessarily Republicans or Conservatives) running. Barack the Magic Negro, playing in a repeated fashion while red-washing the wall, lamenting the butterball cronies who are losing their jobs today. Turning off the TV at 11:50am to not see change.

But I got down to 7th street, the demarcation for the non-ticketed zone (after 6:30am), at about 8am, and waited a long, long time until the concert started- the replay from Sunday. But it was something to kill time on the Jumbotron. Then, at about 10:00am, the choir sung, and the dignitaries for life piled in (that is Capitol Hill- if you get elected one and don't do something too stupid- such as b.t.m.n., you have a job for life). So then there were all the retired presidents that still breathed- Carter and Bush HW(ages 84), and Clinton and Bush W(ages 62). at just before noon, Biden was sworn in. A few minutes after noon, Obama was sworn in. I thought it was to average the time to noon- but it was just that my watch was off.

Another great speech by The Man, after which exit was of utmost need.

As the Governor (and Barack pal) pronounced, Old Virginny is Dead. Yes, that song with racist connotations, sort of like the "Magic Negro" incident, was removed as state song about 10 years ago. But Cheney is moving to his new ranch in McLean. Of corse, it takes a while to wipe something out completely.

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