Sunday, May 30, 2010

Class of '10 (not me)

What's the chance?
Sent across town from my usual work site
and to the place down the street from school
for an event I wanted to attend?

I fidgeted with the duty schedule. When could I take a break- 40 minutes was what I needed. I found a gap- and I got the blessing of the manager to go off-facility. I threw on my casual best and ran for about 6-7 minutes until I reached the school auditorium. I picked up a brochure and read and chanted along with the grads and school community. I fulfilled a promise- I had not missed graduation!
I engulfed myself in the rituals and the camaraderie for the brief 15 minutes I had.
I took a peek at the young men in white suits on stage, then wished the exchange students well and sprinted back to work- making it back on time.
I took a good look at each of their framed spreads. All were able to list 6 achievements. Some had a NMSC (PSAT-related) tag on the crossbar. I took a good look as to imprint one last image of them in my mind.Some I had taken class with , some I hadn't,some I took two with. Some wished I had taken a class (one wished for more than 2), and some wish that Juniors were not allowed in Seniors' classes. We spent some time figuring out who would be the director of the HUD (after designing a bunch of exclusive resorts), and who would be the next Sec. of State (a name like Chancellor gives you a certain lead). We took some time too to figure who'd give the speech for the Class of 2035 (of course during Nick Johna's reign). There was an after-grad party, apparently, in the boardroom above the theater. There were two contemporary-aged co-eds crooning to two newly grads, appareled in casual attire. Don't worry, we iced one of them (we took one guy outside). Ah, next year the controversial class of 2012 will be taking care of our party.

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