Saturday, May 15, 2010

Go-Go a No-No near MoCo

What is GoGo? Just like Mambo sauce and Chinese carry-out, it's a part of DC culture. DC urban culture, that is- and by Urban we mean East of the Creek. Yeah.
A student organization from a tony, forward-thinking school in Tenleytown (west of the Creek), decided to hold one such event. Typically rowdy, go-go events are not something you bring West of the creek. But it was only meant to showcase urban culture in a whittled-down, sanitized way...
The debacle lived up to its rowdy reputation.
Imagine coming home to your quiet residential street at 5pm on Friday. After dinner, you go out to the front yard...and your neighborhood is taken away. Rowdy youth whose identities you don't know shout like it's the Battle of the Republic. Styrofoam containers litter the sidewalk. You get the idea.
For these tranquility-loving residents who associate themselves with suburban culture, this debacle hardened perpetual fears, concerns, and anxieties about what goes town.

I'd link a gogo video, but it's too graphic/crude for this blog. Look up "Mambo Sauce gogo" if you're really curious.
If you need a dose of our suburban culture, check up 90210. It resembles 20854. However, most of NW/ west of creek is a bit more subdued.

Source: Northwest Current, a community publication.

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Mambo said...

Mambo Sauce is not a go-go band. Mambo Sauce is a band that has been influenced by go go. Please don't attach our name to violence or go-go as a whole. Check out our official webpage and follow our story and you will see that we are quite different then what you speak of.

Thank you in advance