Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mid-Exam Report

According to the Wall Street Journal, success is a confidence game. How the two are related is unknown (does confidence come from likely success or does success come from sheer confidence?). This is the science behind good luck charms. Note, though, that superstition leads nowhere. Do your work and have faith in yourself.

Even though I have spent less time studying for these exams, I've felt that I've been doing a better job on them than in past exam cycles. What I mean is that I finished successfully and honorably within the 2 hour time frame. Now what this means is that I've actually learned something. Part of the solution may be a good night's rest. I was tempted last night to stay up to finish studying, but I decided to hold it off for the morning. This latter choice I took, and it was a good one.

Got to hit French now.
Coming up soon on this blog: Bring on the soda tax!

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