Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bus Ride

I took a bus ride on my favorite Chinese bus line (to be politically correct we should call them Budget Buses) It was the average of fast, but there was this woman who had problems with the driver. She claimed that the buses always took a rest stop in South Jersey and that it was inhumane to go the whole way without stopping. "I need to go pee" she said. But there was a toilet on the bus. So when the driver did make a stop just for her he rolled his eyes at her, which should seem to be a normal reaction to someone that annoying. So anyway, she took evidence photos of the bus and the driver's face and called the Better Business Bureau en route.

Now this is not usual but it did not seem to disturb the other passengers, who were of all racial backgrounds, FYI.

Eastern Travel-

PS- I did some reading on giving microloans to people in developing countries. It's an excelent idea and it doesn't cost much money, only a dollar a so per person. And it gets paid back too!

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