Thursday, March 1, 2007

One Fish Two Fish

NT Fletcher, my model, does reviews-en-passant of restaurants in his hometown of Middletown, CT. He also does reviews of restaurants in New York City. I will take on the restaurants of my hometown, Washington, DC.

One Fish Two Fish- 2450 Pennsylvania Avenue

Asian Cusine Authenticity: 4/5 Price: Reasonable ($50. for 4 people for dinner)
Taste: 9/10 Waiting Time: 9 min. Restroom (Rated from the Men's room): Clean
Service: Good English Fluency: A- Language: Cantonese

Descend down a half floor of steps to the restaurant. Its decor is a mix between a Takey-Outy restaurant and a decent sit-down place. It has simple decorations, the only flaw being the beverage refrigerator sitting in view of the dining tables. The setting is quiet, with not too many diners making din. Even though the fact that there are not that many diners may keep you away, it seems that they have a good load of phone orders. This restaurant has been at this location for over a dozen years. Free Delivery to local college students (GW Univ.) keeps the restaurant owner, once a New York immigrant, in a nice suburban home.

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